Interview with ImmortalMag


Was an absolute please to be interviewed by photographer Nige Rorbach at ImmortalMag

ImmortalMag: Let’s start from the beginning, what started you off in the business?
Marc Ayres: OK this is a long one so I’ll try and be quick. I graduated as an Illustrator but my degree course literally destroyed my passion for it, so when I graduated I fell into Graphic Design to make a living. The only problem I’ve had with that industry is that it is actually not very creative. Seriously. Your work is part of a team and the client rules over all. Although I’ve created some work I’ve been very proud of, I was still left with this personal creative need that wasn’t being fulfilled. That’s where photography came in. I had worked with photographers as part of my job and decided about 7 years ago to push myself into that creative outlet. I was extremely lucky to be working for a design agency that also pushed my photography and paid for me to complete a two year HNC photography course. So once a week I was out of work and back in college. Since then I have never looked back. I can’t thank them enough for the opportunity they gave me. (Just to note, I was in my mid thirties at that time and already a Senior Graphic Designer, these opportunities are very rare and I was very lucky)

You can read the whole interview here: